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General Workplace Kit w/Individual Sanitizers


Easy kit for implementing a regular cleansing and disinfecting routine within your workplace. Ensure everyone has access to hand sanitizer and use the included spray and wipes and have everyone get involved in wiping down surfaces such as computer keyboards, door handles, worktops, etc. on a daily basis.

Distribute the hand sanitizers and set the disinfecting kit in an easily accessible area such as in the middle of an office or at reception.


  • 5 x GERMS BE GONE Hand Sanitizer Gel - 2.36ml - DIN# 80007138
  • 300 x White spunlace 15 x 16 wiper towels
  • 1 x Vision FightBac RTU Cleaner/Disinfectant - 946ml

*Due to current demand these products may be substituted with an alternate brand. 
** Hand Sanitizer substitutions will have an equal or greater alcohol content.

 Approximate Lead Time of 5 business days.