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Large Touch-less Hand Sanitizing Station

Large Sanitizing Station - New Low Price
Protect your customers and employees. Quick and easy to deploy, our bulk stations ensure everyone has easy access to sanitization.
With a unique ability to handle a very high volume of traffic with up to 10,000 uses between refills, this is a versatile sanitizing solution, designed for high traffic commercial, industrial and public spaces.
  • Professional Image: Greet customers and employees with a professional sanitizing solution. Everyone knows that you care! Custom signboard available on orders of 50 or more units.
  • High Capacity: With capability of up to 5 gallons of sanitizer you save precious time refilling or replacing dispensers.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No batteries needed and the refillable containers cut down on plastic waste.
  • Economical: Save money on refills! By taking advantage of bulk refills instead of expensive cartridges you can save over 40% each year!
  • Best choice for ultra high traffic areas
  • Hand sanitizer refill not included
  • To use: press foot pedal and sanitizer will dispense from the pump at top
Please contact us with any questions 613 264 3987