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Bacteria Enhanced Premium No-Rinse Floor Cleaner & Deodorizer with Surfactant & Solvents High Performance, concentrated, low-toxicity, biodegradable, odor eliminator and grease digester use in commercial food service areas. Green Earth No Rinse Floor Cleaner is uniquely formulated with detergents, emulsifiers, builders and Proprietary Bio-Active Enzymes that digest complex proteins, starches and fats found in foodservice and other applications. Floors cleaned with Green Earth No Rinse Floor Cleaner provide positive traction resulting in a cleaner, safer work environment. Contains low VOCs and no phosphorous, APE, NPE or ETDA . Uses: - Foodservice quarry tile - Shower stalls - Tile & grout - Resturants - Food Processing Areas - Cafeterias - Institutional Kitchens - Dining areas - QSR facilites - Theatres - Airport terminals Directions For Use Read the entire label before using this product. 1. Wipe up any spills and sweep floor. 2. Fill mop bucket with cold water. 3. Add 2 ounces of Green Earth® No Rinse Floor Cleaner per gallon of water. 4. Using a clean mop, apply solution to floor. 5. Wait several minutes to allow sufficient contact time. 6. Using deck brush, scrub floor. 7. Squeegee to floor drain or mop up excess solution. 8. Allow to air dry. DO NOT RINSE. NOTE: For use on floors only. DO NOT use on food contact surfaces. Use Green Earth No Rinse Floor Cleaner by itself. DO NOT mix or use with products that contain acid, alkaline, or bleach.