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20: $33.99/CASE
40: $31.99/CASE
SELLING UNIT: CASE (4 containers per case)
Description: Avalanche Ice Melter with CMA. 
Less Harmful to surfaces; reduces damage to wood, concrete, and brick, which makes Avalanche Ice Melter one of the safest ice melters to use, when compared to the leading ice melter brands.
Less Harmful to vegetation; unlike some de-icers, Avalance Ice Melter works to preserve vegetation and plant life. Avalanche Ice Melter is less damaging to the environment when compared to the leading ice melt brands. With Avalanche Ice Melter there is no slimy residue being tracked in, making the cleanup virtually non-existent.
Reduced Corrosion to metals; Avalance Ice Melter is specifically enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate), our formula guards against corrosion damage by forming a protective coating on the surface.