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"NanoSeptic surfaces deliver a noticeable feeling of safety and security for patients." ~ Lauren Bennett, Patient Experience Manager for Central Virginia Family Physicians


"When you find a product that not only creates a cleaner school, but also improves our image in the eyes of the parents, that’s something special. Using nanotechnology powered self-cleaning surfaces in our school creates a cleaner environment and communicates our commitment to the wellbeing of students, teachers and visitors at every touch point." ~ John Patterson, Superintendent at Liberty Christian Academy


"If people perceive that public surfaces aren’t clean, then there’s a problem that needs to be solved. NanoSeptic products address that problem, while delivering on a hotel’s brand promise. These products provide our properties a proactive way to deliver a feeling of safety and security to our guests." ~ Kimberly Christner, CEO, Cornerstone Hospitality


"Our industry is highly commoditized and our service is invisible. With NanoSeptic self-cleaning facility touch points, we now have a great differentiator, a new revenue stream, and most importantly, a publicly visible element of our service offering." ~ Randy Layne, Sparklean Services


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