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Wearing Masks On The Job

Wearing Masks On The Job

Public Health Ontario has issued recommendations for the wearing of masks for workers that are not working in healthcare settings. Highlights include:

  • Masks can be worn for the purpose of source control, protecting others in close proximity to the wearer by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses to others.
  • Where physical distancing is not possible or where workers have frequent or close contact with the public, a policy to use either medical or non-medical masks may offer some source control. Cloth masks may provide slightly more source control than no mask. However, while masking, meticulous hand hygiene is crucial to avoid self-inoculation from face touching.
  • A COVID-19 exposure risk assessment for workers can aid employers considering a policy on masking for source control.
  • If pursued, masking for source control needs to be an adjunct to a comprehensive strategy to minimize worker exposure risk.
  • In the current context of PPE shortages associated with COVID-19, it is vital that medical masks be conserved for use in healthcare settings. Therefore, non-medical masks (e.g., cloth masks) are preferred in most situations where masking is for source control.

The full document can be found on the Public Health Ontario website here: Download

For your convenience we are providing an updated template that includes for the use of masks that you can modify and use in your own business.




Should you have additional suggestions that we could incorporate, please contact us with your ideas, we would be glad to hear from you.




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