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Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI How It Works:

  1. Ask us for a quote

We come to your location, review your needs and agree on what products you require. Not comfortable with a visit on site? No worries, we are happy to talk on the phone or video call. The quote will list products specific to your needs as well as our standard prices, no VMI fee!

  1. Agree on pricing

Our goal is to bring you great pricing without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. Feel free to review prices with us and we will strive to reach an agreement.

  1. Identify your top 20%

Whether you stock a large range of products or just require the basics, the top 20% are those that need ordering more often. We will help you define a minimum/maximum quantity and supply inventory cards to keep it simple.

  1. Schedule

Decide how often you want us to check your storeroom and make a restocking schedule. We know you don’t want to babysit your supplier, so by scheduling regular visits you are sure to never run out!

  1. Implement & Review

We get it, things change, so if you need to revise your top 20%, change the schedule, or add products to the line just let us know. We are always looking to provide you the best service possible.


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With any questions or requirements please contact us at 613-264-3987 or

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