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Spring cleaning is important, but fall cleaning is importanter!

Spring cleaning is important, but fall cleaning is importanter!

After the frenzy of summer 2020, we may have replaced our normal cleaning routine with the mindset of making sure high touchpoint places are disinfected, going through the office with sanitizing wipes, and ensuring our stock of masks is kept up. We might forget that our offices can use a little love come fall. Keep reading to see what you can be doing to focus on a proper fall deep clean. 

1. Clean Your Appliances

A proper autumn clean is essential to eliminate flu and cold bugs, made all the more important by Covid-19. Get rid of expired food and clean the inside of fridges and freezers. Scrub the sinks, oven and microwaves with our Sprayway aerosol cleaner. Lastly, use our Top Scrub floor cleaner to remove those lingering particles of dirt from the floor.

2. Scrub Carpets and Upholstery 

Fall cleaning is a great way to get the sand and dirt out of the carpet that may have been tracked in throughout the summer. Rent or buy a proper Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaner to ensure a thorough clean. Remove stains and Brighten Carpets with our excellent Betco carpet care products. 

3. Clean Windows Inside And Out

Get a full view of those beautiful fall colors through a clear and clean window pane. Nothing lowers the tone of an office quite like smeary windows and a sparkling, streak free window is a pleasure to see. Check out our full range of Window Cleaning Supplies.

4. Stock Up On Outdoor Winter Supplies

It won't be long and the ice and snow will be covering the ground. Grab a shovel and be sure to apply Ice Melter before it snows to prevent ice build up! 


Spring cleaning is just as important as fall cleaning, Looks like you're ready for winter!

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