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What Makes Microfibre So Effective For Cleaning?

What Makes Microfibre So Effective For Cleaning?

Why should I use microfibre in place of regular cloths?

Microfiber cloths are great for many different cleaning tasks because they perform well and can be a key tool in eliminating cross contamination. It's not just a coloured cloth, either, you can get mop heads, pads, dusters, and more!

What makes a microfibre?

Microfibres are fibres made of polyester and polyamide which have a diameter of less than ten micometers meaning they are actually microscopic. Being that they are so small, they can fit into tiny crevices. During production, microfibres go through a process called splitting where openings are created in them to form a star shape. These openings make the microfibre very absorbent because they can pick up and hold more than regular closed fibres can.

Why use microfibre for cleaning?

The process of splitting allows the microfibre to absorb and hold better, so cleaning is done faster and more thorough. The splitting also gives the microfibres a positive charge, helping the cloth attract more dust and dirt. Microfibre mops splash less meaning they can clean surfaces like windows, walls, and floors without leaving scratches and streaks behind. 


  • Reusable
  • Colour-coded to avoid cross contamination
  • Lighter than other cloths
  • No chemicals needed for dusting and cleaning up spills
  • Choose the right thickness to suit your needs
  • Many styles available


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