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Is Cleaning and Sweeping Floors worth the effort?

Is Cleaning and Sweeping Floors worth the effort?

How often you should be sweeping and cleaning the floors in your building? Four key factors determine how often a proper clean and sweep should be done. 

  1. Traffic

The first thing to think about is how much traffic you are getting in each area of the building. Your employees do not want to work in a dirty office, and for visiting clients, the office is often the first impression they get when coming to visit you. No one likes to see or walk on a messy floor.

Keep in mind that the highest traffic areas are; entryways and exits, primary hallways, and main stairwells. These areas should immediately receive more frequent cleaning.

  1. Activity 

Some areas of the building may not have a lot of foot traffic but still get a lot of activity. Think of areas of your office like kitchens, conference rooms, meeting rooms which have people sitting in them, but not walking around. 

High activity areas that may not get as much foot traffic are still be prone to scuff marks and spills. These areas should also be cleaned more often than areas that do not get as much use. 

  1. Floor Mats 

Floor mats are great for placing in entrances around your office or work area. By wiping off their feet when coming into the office, your team will track in less dirt, mud and debris from the outside. 

The number of floor mats will limit the amount of mopping and sweeping needed as they cover your flooring and keep your floors relatively clean. Less mopping is required but make sure to vacuum the mats often! 

  1. Sealed and Unsealed Flooring

Your flooring material will dictate the frequency at which you sweep and clean your floors. For instance, sealed floors have far greater protection from spills, scratches and scuffs. Whereas, unsealed floors are going to be much more vulnerable and susceptible to permanent damage and moisture.

Frequent cleaning and sweeping is extra important on all un-sealed floors and should be a priority over those that are sealed.  


Rule of Thumb for How Often You Should Clean Your Floors

With some areas of your office getting far more activity and traffic than others, it can be difficult to decide when and how often you are going to clean your floors. When in doubt, and a good rule of thumb is that they are properly cleaned and swept once every week. 

By properly cleaning and sweeping the floors once a week you will not only clear the harmful debris and bacteria and more from the floor, but also prevent lasting damage to the flooring itself. 


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