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How to fight the virus in a simple yet effective way

How to fight the virus in a simple yet effective way

Helping You beat the bugs

Highly contagious germs need extra attention when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting so it's important you have the proper tools and knowledge to stay healthy.

Follow our recommended 5-Step plan for a safer and cleaner facility.

1. Have the know-how. Ensure that you understand the cleaning needs of your facility. Some areas will require more attention than others and a variety of products may be required. Read instructions and understand the use of each product to get the maximum benefit from it.

2. PPE. Reduce your and risk of contamination by using personal protective equipment. Disposable masks and gloves are perfect for limiting your exposure to harmful germs and keeping you safe. 

3. Clean Equipment. Make sure that any tools you use are clean and sanitized before and after use. Dirty mops and rags can spread germs throughout the facility so by having designated tools for specific areas, or using disposable materials - you can help reduce the spread.

4. Maintenance Schedule. Regular cleaning systems ensure that areas are kept clean and germ free. If you don’t already have a process, take the time to cover each area of need and acquire all necessary supplies. Call us if you need any help!

5. Stay Home, Save lives. If you are sick, stay home. It’s the best place for you to recover and stop the spread of bacteria.You are not only doing whats best for you, but you can protect those you work with as well.


By using these tips your building will be a healthier place to work. Contact us with any questions or requirements 613 264 3987 or

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