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Get on top of your winter carpet cleaning

Get on top of your winter carpet cleaning

Most facilities have some sort of carpet cleaning plan in place. Some facilities have their carpets cleaned every few months, whether its need or not, but most facilities clean their carpets only when they are visibly soiled.

It turns out that neither of these programs are efficient because not all carpets experience the same amount of soiling. Carpets on the upper floors of your building do not get as soiled as carpets on the first floor near doors, loading docks, and industrial areas.

Experts agree that it is too late to clean your carpets only when they appear soiled because there is a certain amount of grime that you cannot see and hidden soils can result in premature wear, loss of fiber material, and often loss of color.

These issues are escalated during the winter months when moisture and ice melts play havoc on carpets. As snow is tracked in and melted, there is a greater possibility that mold, mildew, and bacterial growth can develop in your carpets.

To protect your carpets during the winter, You need an effective winter carpet care maintenance plan, the following are some of the key steps involved;.

  • Learn the benefits of matting. While mats are a great way to prevent slip-and-fall accidents they also keep as much as 80 percent of moisture and soil from entering a facility. Ensure you have adequate matting installed at all building entrances.
  • Vacuum the office more. Vacuuming is probably the single most important component of a winter carpet care maintenance program. More attention is needed on the lower floors to prevent first-floor soiling from making its way upstairs. Busy locations can be vacuumed on a daily basis. 
  • Spot your carpets frequently. The best time to clean a spot is immediately after it happens - make sure you have a spotting kit readily available. Spotting is important to keep spots and stains from reappearing, and causing odors, or tarnishing the appearance of the carpet. 
  • Implement hot-water extraction. The extraction process works by injecting pressurized, heated, water-based cleaning solution in order to push soils to the surface of the carpet. The mixture of soils and solution is then removed by a wet vac. Experts agree that hot-water extractors provide a deeper clean and prevent rapid re-soiling especially in the winter months.

By taking a proactive approach to carpet cleaning You will not only keep your facility clean and healthy, but extend the life of your carpets. Contact us if you need help implementing your winter carpet cleaning plan!

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