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Federal government provides Canada $19B for 'safe restart' of economy

Federal government provides Canada $19B for 'safe restart' of economy

Money will fund COVID-19 testing, PPE expenses, child care and more!

At a press conference on Parliment Hill, Prime Minister Trudeau said "The federal government will provide $19 billion to the provinces and territories to help fund a "safe restart" of the Canadian economy."

"COVID-19 isn't just a health crisis. It's an economic crisis, too," 

Trudeau previously pledged $14 billion — but many premiers said that amount was not nearly enough to cover their needs. 

Money is being allocated to PPE costs for businesses, specifically the long term care industry. Operational costs in municipalities, towns, and cities. As well as funding for safe child care and transit.

These funds are aimed at helping people, businesses and entire communities adjust to today's 'new normal'. 

**Keep an eye out for further updates on how to apply for this program**


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