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How To - 800ML Refillable Dispensers

How To - 800ML Refillable Dispensers

Wall Mount Dispensers 101

Due to global supply chain disruptions; pump top sanitizers and bag cartridge soaps are hard to find and very costly. Our Refillable dispensers help eliminate stress and expense by offering a quick, reliable, cost effective way to keep you and your team safe!

Please join us today for a short How-To video on our 800ML Refillable Wall Mount Soap and Sanitizer Dispensers. Call 1 (613) 267-3987 with questions!



- Stylish design suits all environments, large push button for easy operation

- Easy fill, front flips down to fill or clean removable cartridge 

- Accepts any type of Gel/Liquid Sanitizer or Soap. Regulated push tube system that allows many 'single shot' uses per 800ml refill

- Made from light, strong ABS plastic for durability and long lasting performance

- Hidden opening button with auto-lock for security against vandalism


Our full product range includes items from COVID response to general every-day cleaning supplies. We are able to offer janitorial products that cover surface disinfection to washroom/floor care, and more! Use this link to explore our general cleaning tab

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