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Cheap At Half The ICE

Cheap At Half The ICE

Ice Melter 101

Winter is on its way and with it comes the freezing temperatures and slippery snow that turns your sidewalk into an ice-rink. Slippery sidewalks are dangerous for anyone walking on them and steps must be taken to ensure their safety. One way minimize injuries is to use ice melt effectively - keep reading to learn exactly what you should be doing.

To use ice-melt effectively, you must understand how it works. Now, ice is very cold, it is at or below freezing point and for it to melt there must be heat. Ice melt lowers the freezing point of water, effectively creating heat, by making a brine that will then melt the ice. 

When the brine reaches the surface of the ground it will loosen the bond of the ice on the sidewalk making the ice easier to break up and shovel. While rock salt is a good option for providing traction over large areas like car parks or driveways, ice melt compounds like Ice Cutter - Green Ice Melter are more effective for areas where slips and falls are more common. Ice-melt also combats re-freezing for up to 24 hours which minimizes the need to shovel as well as preventing damage to your sidewalk. With this in mind you can apply ice-melt before it starts to snow, to stop ice sticking to the surface and stay on top of ice-buildup.

We have multiple ice melt options and applicators to suit your specific needs. Call us today, we'd be more than happy to help you be proactive about winter ice care.

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