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The Call Of Nature: Are Your Washrooms Safe?

The Call Of Nature: Are Your Washrooms Safe?

A recent study revealed that

Nearly eight out of 10 people feel more unsafe going to facilities with unhygienic public washrooms today, than before the pandemic. And 33% of those surveyed said they feel uncomfortable in a washroom equipped with air dryers.

A survey done by Tork, a brand of Essity - which produces hand hygiene products, toilet tissue systems and paper towels -  said that while most people believe that public washrooms should be maintained to a high standard of cleanliness, many have changed their preference for hand drying options. Now, more than half of those surveyed wish that facilities offered paper hand towels as opposed to air dryers.

The increased preference for hand towels is a result of the perception that they are more hygienic to the user, dry hands more quickly, and spread less bacteria in the air. Studies supporting this show that paper towels are actually more than 50% more hygienic than air-dryers.

As Covid-19 restrictions lift and people start spending more time in public spaces - they are relying on public washrooms to accommodate them. Do employees and customers feel safe entering washrooms at your facility

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